Oracle Dates, ColdFusion ORM (Hibernate) and ORA-01830

Today I encountered an issue when updating a record in Oracle 10g using an ORM bean. I received the error:

ORA-01830 date format picture ends before converting entire input string

The problematic field was defined as follows in the bean:

property name="dueDate" sqltype="date";

In the database, the column was defined as:

dueDate date not null

So what gave? Well, it turns out that, when updating or inserting a record, hibernate was passing a timestamp value rather than just a date (Oracle was expecting just a date). Thankfully, the solution was very simple and involved setting the ormtype on the field in the ORM bean:

property name="dueDate" sqltype="date" ormtype="date";

Hopefully that saves someone a headache at somepoint ;)